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Buenas prácticas de desarrollo en SharePoint

image Desde Creative SharePoint nos llega una lista de buenas prácticas de desarrollo en SharePoint. Seguro al leerla, estarás de acuerdo con algunas y en desacuerdo con otras, pero lo más importante es que se trata de buena información, para analizarla, tenerla en cuenta, profundizar o preguntarnos: ¿Había yo pensado en eso? Transcribo parte del artículo, pero les recomiendo que lo lean en: http://creativesharepoint.posterous.com/sharepoint-development-standards.

Que lo disfruten:

My Current SharePoint Development Standards List

  • All custom SharePoint work must be deployed through SharePoint solutions (.wsp files)
  • We will not import or restore any backups of sites developed by third parties. This shouldn't be a problem as all custom work will be deployed through solutions and features anyway. I wanted to avoid importing hidden designer hacks, but J.D. Wade brought up a good point, we might need to import actual content, so we can't completely write this off.
  • All functionality and customizations must be documented
  • Site and list templates must be created through code and features (site and list definitions). STP files are not allowed as they are not updatable.


12 Hive Deployment

  • No out of the box SharePoint files in the 12 hive will be overwritten
  • Images deployed must be deployed into an RGA/ProjectName folder

SharePoint Designer

  • SharePoint designer updates are generally not allowed. The only exception to this rule is for creating DataForm web parts.
  • DataForm web parts must be exported through the SharePoint GUI and solution packaged for deployment as a feature.
  • Editing out of the box master pages is not allowed. Instead, duplicate an existing master page, make edits, then solution package the master page for feature deployment.
  • No SharePoint Designer created workflows. These are not portable and cannot be packaged for solution deployment.


Continuar leyendo en: http://creativesharepoint.posterous.com/sharepoint-development-standards.

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