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Copiar listas de SharePoint con PowerShell

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This article is the first in a series on exporting and importing SharePoint objects using the Content Deployment API and PowerShell. I’m not going to cover the API itself, as there are lots of articles doing this already, notably this series from Stefan Goßner and MSDN, which I would urge you to check out for more details.

You can achieve some of this functionality with the Export-SPWeb and Import-SPWeb cmdlets provided with SharePoint 2010, but a) these are not available with SharePoint 2007 and b) using the Content Management API directly provides access to extra capabilities. I have written these scripts to work on SharePoint 2007 and 2010 (WSS and Foundation included), although to date I have only tested them on SharePoint Server 2010.

This first article provides a couple of functions for exporting a list or document library and all items contained within it from one site and importing it into another site. The destination site can be in a different site collection, web application and even farm. I have provided command parameters for what I think will be the most popular configuration options, but as we have full access to the API, the scripts can be adapted to suit requirements.

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