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Project 2010 Solution Starters

Si quieren experimentar la potencia y extensibilidad de Project Server y SharePoint 2010, les recomiendo consultar este enlace:

Que les sea útil! Transcribo:

Solution Starters Available

We have developed number of Solution Starters and Code Samples to help you achieve result quickly with implementing Project 2010. All mentioned Solution Starters are available for free download - including deployment package, source code, documentation and webcasts.
  • Demand Management Export & Import Tool (built 5/29/2010 )
    • Example of how a partner can export and package EPTs and all other associated entities (Stages, Phases, PDPs, CFs, …) so that customers can import as a single SharePoint feature.
  • Bulk Edit Tool (built 5/18/2010)
    • Tool to edit project custom fields simultaneously.
  • Bulk Import Tool (a.k.a. SharePoint To Project Importer) (built 4/23/2010)
    • Tool to import projects from a SharePoint List.
  • Dynamic Workflow (built 2/8/2010)
    • Dynamically create a linear workflow based on stages.
  • EPT Association Tool (built 2/11/2010)
    • A tool that creates an intuitive unified hierarchical view that allows a user to easily create and maintain EPTs, by seeing all of the individual stages, PDPS, and custom fields all in the same place.
  • InfoPath Form Viewer Web Part (built 5/29/2010)
    • View and Edit an InfoPath Form in a PDP. This is most commonly used to allow users to fill out a survey.
  • Project Workspace List Viewer Excel Project Cost Capture (built 5/29/2010)
    • A web part that allows users to view and edit list from the Project Workspace.
  • Workflow Visualization Web Part (5/29/2010)
    • A web part that allows users to view and edit list from the Project Workspace.
  • Report Builder Tool (built 5/14/2010)
    • Tool to create an excel report with the SQL connection already configured.
  • Workspace Project Custom Field Web Part (4/29/2010)
    • Web part to display Project Custom Fields on the Workspace.
  • Excel Project Cost Capture (source code only)
    • Example of using Excel to create/capture financials.

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